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Latest news

2016-08-04 First China-Made Acura Launched On The Market

The Acura CDX has been launched on the Chinese car market. It is the first Acura that is manufactured in China. It is also the first Acura that was developed especially for the Chinese consumer. There are no plans for export or for production elsewhere. Read more

2016-08-05 Here's How Acura Turned the NSX Into a GT3 Race Car

Acura makes a big deal of the NSX's hybrid all-wheel-drive system, but for its new GT3 race car, the automaker abandoned all that for some old-school, rear-drive goodness. That said, the NSX GT3 still has plenty in common with its street car counterpart ... Read more

2016-07-27 See the Acura NSX GT3 race car on the track at Mid-Ohio

Devout Acura racing fans will finally get a chance to see their beloved NSX GT3 race car on the track in action -- though not in an actual race. It will be on the same track at the same time as Pirelli World Challenge GT, GTA and GT Cup cars during ... Read more

2016-08-03 Auto Couple: He says…A prodigious effort by Acura: the 2017 ILX sedan

Auto Couple: He says…A prodigious effort by Acura: the 2017 ILX sedan Cliff Fewel Mary Fewel Casa Grande Valley Newspapers Inc. Perhaps the best way to relate to any child prodigy one may meet is to understand as much as possible about the non-prodigy ... Read more

2016-08-08 Jaguar is the hottest car company in America

Most of Jaguar’s luxury rivals—including Acura, BMW, Cadillac, Lexus, and Mercedes—have reported a dip in sales for the year to date. Photo: Reuters New York: The memo that the US car market is finally slowing down apparently didn’t make it to ... Read more

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