Audi is a German automobile company established in 1909 by August Horch. The first car appeared in 1910 with 2,6 liter engine capacity and twenty two horsepower engine. In August 1950 was created the first DKW passenger car after the war. These cars were made in Düsseldorf till 1962. In 1970 Audi automobiles started delivered to the USA. On Geneva Motor Show in 1980 the company announced new sports all-wheel drive coupe Audi Quattro.

In Australia in 1981 Audi became a sensation of rally during the debut on the sports racing. Mass production of the Audi Quattro began in December 1982. Later all-wheel drive is being implemented in all the other cars Audi. Racer H.Stuck in 1990 won the 1st place in the German championship in Audi automobile. In 1991 F.Biela become the first on the same car. In 1990 year V-shaped six-cylinder engine capacity of one hundred seventy four liters was installed on the new Audi 100 (C4). This engine has a minimum mass and size for its class. The power plant is supplied with the newly-made gasoline injection system.

In March 1990, in Geneva, Audi car has the unique technical solution for that time. The petrol engine duplicated by electric motor which rotates the rear axle. For city driving a car can move only on the electric motor.

In this and its a big plus, because it does not pollute the air and does not create unnecessary background noise. In Frankfurt in September 2005 the world saw a new car Audi - SUV, equipped with modern electric motor and gasoline engine. That is why the car power has increased on forty four horsepower, and torque - on two hundred Nm.

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