The well-known company Bentley Motors was founded in January 1919 by V.Bentli. Cars of this company has a high level of quality, as they are collected by hand and not on the line. The first car with 3 liters engine was developed jointly with Burgess and Varley and in autumn of 1919 was demonstrated in London. Their production started in 1921. The car was given a five-year warranty. In 1927 engine capacity increased to 4.5 liters, which gave the car a chance to become the first of the most powerful. Also thanks to this, Bentley became widely known.

Bentley car company has achieved remarkable sales and became known around the world thanks to wins in the race. In 1921 in Brooklands racer F.Klement brought Bentley's first ever victory. In races from 1927 to 1930 car Bentley won first prize every year. Designed V.Bentli aluminum pistons for engines has become an important event in the industry. In 1931 Bentley has joined the Rolls-Royce company.

"S" series launched in 1955 showed that the model of Bentley and Rolls-Royce finally converged technically. The most original for Bentley remained body coupe Continental. He was not in the Rolls-Royce. Released in 1965 sedan Bentley became a simplified version of the Rolls-Royce. Bentley car is started to collect in England and in Germany together with the sedan Volkswagen. In 2007 Bentley has released seven versions Continental and Arnage. For wealthy clients Bentley gathered in Mulliner studio a unique Arnage Limousine, which wheel base has been increased to 3566 mm.

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