In 1917 G.Otto and K.Rapp created a company Baverische Motoren Werke - BMW. In 1919 pilot Diemer on plane with engine, developed by BMW, established record height of nine kilometers of six hundred and seventy meters. In 1919 M.Frits developed motorcycle BMW, which was the focus of the Paris Motor Show. The bike has a boxer engine and driveline. In 1928 BMW started car production. E.Henne in September 1929 in Munich set a world record on modernized motorcycle by driving along the highway at a speed of two hundred and sixteen kilometers per hour.

The first BMW car was equipped with 6-cylinder engine. He appeared in 1933. Typical on the radiator grille BMW nostrils become a real decoration of all BMW models. Rapid Roadster, released in 1936 has the engine equipped with light-alloy cylinder head, and also has a tubular frame. BMW had and still has a huge success. Also BMW products are considered reliable and highly quality. Since 1973 the company all the time takes prizes at six European championships. BMW cars have innovations in the form of braking system and 4 valves in all cylinders of the engine.

In 1983 the firm has created the M3, the serial car and for racing. In 1987 Ravil R. won on this car on the highway-circular route the first prize on world championship. The new coupe BMW developed in 1990 has fourteen cylinders in the engine, and was endowed with an increased comfort with good sportsmanship. In 1995 BMW was the debut the fifth series, in which the chassis is made of aluminum alloy. The front passenger received the air bag. BMW cars produced at five plants in Germany and twenty-two factories located around the world.

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