Exclusive sports cars and racing type cars releases French company Bugatti. This company in 1909 created an Italian engineer and designer Ettore Bugatti. Artistic passion had an impact on the car's design, and the first car Bugatti Ettore Arco received a high award in Milan for its original design. At the beginning of the company were released three models: Туре 13, Туре 15, Туре 17. In 1911, on the French road racing French Grand Prix, the car Туре 13 took second place. This car was the base for the creation of further modifications, and one of the greatest achievements of the company Bugatti.

In 1914 appeared sports cars Туре 16 and Туре 18. The technical capabilities of cars of this French company gave them the right to win all prizes in 1924 in the European Competition Grand Prix. It was attended by cars Type 35. All prizes most prestigious races for five years keep a car Bugatti Type 35 and its modified models. The French firm Bugatti since 1924 till 1930 produced 336 units of cars of this brand. The car brought 1800 victories to his company on racing! Spokes of this machine was a real work of art, as it were collected from piano wire.

In 1947 company presented at the Paris Exhibition the automobile brand Type 73, but due to the death of its publisher Ettore Bugatti, it has not been put into serial production. In the near future on its basis created an original powerful car EB 110 and SS 110 sports model EB. In 1999 the Bugatti company became the property of the concern Volkswagen.

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