Engineer Henry Leland and businessman William Murphy organized a joint automobile company Cadillac Motor Car Company. The name company has received from the Frenchman Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac - the founder of Detroit. The first car brand was shown in New York in 1903. Model "D", which brought his company's fame, appeared in 1905. The car was a five-seater, with four engines and a body made of wooden materials. Next model V8, came out in 1915 and was equipped with eight-cylinder and V- twin engine. Company - manufacturer specialized in the production of cars expensive luxury - class.

Dynamic balancing of the crankshaft, install brakes on all four wheels company began to carry out in 1924. In the thirties, the company has mastered the production car "V16", with 16-cylinder engines with the installation of a valve mechanism at the top. In 1948 this car is decorated with chrome details and keels, authored by designer Harley Earl.

Front-wheel drive "Eldorado", appeared in 1967. In the seventies Cadillac V8 engine series was designed. The capacity of this engine was 8.2 liters and has won first place among production engines in passenger cars. Automobile production developed rapidly and already in 1984 begun the production of car "Fleetwood". Company Cadillac from other car companies are distinguished chic exterior design of the car and its high and reliable performance. Cadillacs mainly sold in the United States in North America.

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