In 1997 was created one of the largest Chinese car companies Chery Automobile Co., Ltd and has just two years later appeared the first car of this brand. Chinese company buys equipment from the American company Ford for the creation of the initial production. The company Chery Automobile Co., Ltd is the first Chinese car company that has carried out export of cars, having made their first delivery to Syria. The Chinese car company got high quality certificate for its products. From now begin to work together designers and developers of the Japanese company Mitsubishi. Austrian company cooperates with Chery Automobile Co., Ltd and develops spare parts for vehicles and powertrains.

The German company Bosch is involved in the development and production of a new type of transmission. The company Chery Automobile Co., Ltd invites in the development of their cars well-known all over the world car company Lotus Engineering. Modernization of the hybrid engine Cherie held by mutual agreement with the firm Ricardo Consulting Engineers. In 2003 a Chinese company put into operation factory in Iran. In the same year there was a need to establish their own scientific - research institute. About 200 thousand cars produced in the world in 2004 by Chery Automobile Co., Ltd.

In 2005 in Russia the Chinese company Chery creates its own factory and in parallel is created the production of Chinese cars in Malaysia and in Egyptian capital Cairo. Exports of cars in the USA began in 2005. According to the international evaluation of Chinese Car IQS brand Chery QQ has become the best among compact cars.

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