Citroen - a French car manufacturer. At the present time, it is part of Peugeot Citroen association. Citroen has started its activities in 1919. Except for US manufacturers, in Europe, he became the first to mass produce cars among all European manufacturers. This manufacturer has become in the eyes of buyers the best implementer of the latest technologies and the most creative in the design. Cars of this brand first in the world got to drive the front wheels.

Since 1954 appeared hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension. Thanks to her, the car could not to be afraid of road irregularities. Later, the revolutionary introduction of disc brakes again brought him into the public eye, as an innovative manufacturer. In 1967 the manufacturer suggested rotary lights, which greatly improves visibility at night when you have to ride on roads with lots of turns. Due to the Eiffel Tower, the Citroen ad was catchy and attractive. Manufacturer in the 20s resourcefully provided their cars for expeditions to Asia, which is very well demonstrated the vitality and all-terrain vehicles of Citroen. Thanks to the new tracking system Citroen cars in impassable terrain feel quite not bad. Citroen involved in an expedition to Australia in 1925, exhibited at the museum, which is located in Australia. It is completely renovated and is in excellent condition. In 1933 the company introduced a car for business Rosalie, with a diesel engine. It was a novelty for Europe because, until then, the trucks were not issued to the business. Company produces cars that delight the eyes of the public to its unusual design and engineering solutions. It build a team for the race to attract the attention of potential customers. The team worthy acts in the competition.