Dacia - is a Romanian car manufacturer, which is controlled by the French manufacturer Renault and is a subsidiary of the French manufacturer. The name cars got is mainly from land titles, which has Romania. Cars of this brand make up ten percent of the total Romanian exports, they make a significant contribution to the development of Romania country. Dacia started its functioning in 1966 and later, the decision to close collaboration with Renault has been implemented in practice. Since 1968 they began working closely in practice in the form of production models 1100 and 4400, which were created on the basis of the Renault 8. S models were produced for the police, which had a powerful engine, compared with mass-produced. Such models were popular in those years for the local racing teams.

Since 2004 year began to develop a different direction Dacia with increased ground clearance Pick-Up. In 2006 the factory transformation and the complete renewal of equipment in accordance with European standards were carried out, began to be manufactured Logan. During the production of Dacia vehicles, a whole culture on tuning and upgrading older models of this brand appeared. Activities of this kind carried away many of the owners of this mark. At one time, many of the cars on the roads of Romania had the brand Dacia. Most of the cars were purchased by local representatives of the party nomenclature. And now, motorists are buying them in order to restore to history, even if they are in poor condition.

Dacia and today is in close cooperation with the French car manufacturer. That allows to survive in the highly competitive producers, and is a great advantage when there is a need to promote new models for foreign car markets.

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