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Latest news

2016-08-08 Renault and Dacia dealers win customer satisfaction award

The Auto Express Driver Power survey 2016, considered the most comprehensive analysis of car ownership satisfaction in the UK, has found that Renault and Dacia franchised dealers provide the best all-round customer service of any of the major brands. Read more

2016-08-06 Bulgaria Cars Market in First Half of 2016 kept the momentum.

Bulgaria Cars Market in First Half of 2016 kept momentum, fueled by a solid economic period. Toyota improved in double digit. The Dacia Dokker dominated the models competition. Bulgaria’s economy decelerated slightly in Q1 as a steep fall in government ... Read more

2016-07-28 Renault, Dacia top dealer satisfaction survey

Renault has knocked Lexus from its perch at the top of the Auto Express Driver Power dealer satisfaction chart for the first time. Lexus had topped the survey for each of the previous 14 years, but Renault and its Dacia sub-brand demoted Toyota’s luxury ... Read more

2016-08-02 Dacia Duster Laureate TCe 125 2016 Road Test

It’s what’s underneath. And Dacia wouldn’t have sold 688,000 Dusters in Europe alone if the cars fell apart. They have particular appeal to the French, where Dacias have taken over the traditional roles of 2CV Citroens, 4CV Renaults, 7-seater Peugeot ... Read more

2016-07-29 Renault tops Auto Express dealer aftersales survey

Renault has achieved its best ever performance in the Auto Express Driver Power survey for Dealer Aftersales Service Satisfaction, topping the survey for the first time. Its sister brand Dacia was in second place. Customers were on average 94.4 per cent ... Read more

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