Daewoo - is a Korean brand involved in many big name manufacturers.

Daewoo Bus is a major manufacturer of buses. The main office is located in South Korea. He began his independent navigation in business since the year 2002. The main products of this company is the production of commercial buses for public use. Daewoo M. S. engaged in car sales in Korea. Daewoo E. engaged in the production of household appliances, motors and appliances. Daewoo S & T (Daewoo P.I.) is engaged in firearms and other weapons. Also it was reorganized in 2006, the year. Daewoo T. Ltd. is engaged in the textile industry. Daewoo H. I. engaged in the production of commercial vehicles, machinery and trailers. Daewoo I. engaged in hotel business. Their hotels are functioning around the world. Advanced Engineering is engaged in research engineering developments and scientific studies

Daewoo Motor got its name since 1983 year. In the UK Daewoo Motor went in 1995 with its own selling cars network. The company used the strategy of its own sales network, which is very good impact on sales. In 2001 GM buys the company and uses it for sale of their cars brands.

Daewoo, as the company started its operation in 1967. This became possible due diligence son of the governor of the province. He graduated from the school with economic education and has created a world empire, thanks to the cooperation with other major companies of global significance at the level of joint ventures. The company has received a primary impetus for development thanks to the support of local authorities. The Company was on sixth place in the world in car export . In 2011 the company is undergoing reorganization.

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