The Italian company Ferrari is known to every modern man. It is based in Maranello and specializes in sports cars release. Ferrari date of foundation - 1928. The company produced exclusively racing cars up to 1947, throughout the history took part in racing, especially in Formula 1. The emblem of the brand Ferrari is a stallion, gets up on its hind legs, placed on a yellow background. Traditionally, cars are red, but are available in other colors. The main task, which set themselves the creators is to make a car that will be on the characteristics comparable with the race car and in the comfort of a normal.

Since 1954 the founder of the company Ferrari Enzo Ferrari began to actively cooperate with the design company "Pininfarina". Such cooperation has created a car that looks recognizable everywhere. In this year Ferrari released sports car 250 GT, later appears the Ferrari 250 GT cabriolet, and then the Ferrari 250 GT California. For the most wealthy clients was released fourteen cars model Ferrari 410 Super America. Very popular models of this brand of Dino originated in the early seventies was equipped with an engine Fiat. Another a very well-known model of Ferrari - a car Berlinetta Boxer, who embodied in themselves a large number of race car components.

Demand for cars Ferrari regularly grow over the years thanks to its power and uniqueness. The demand is so huge that the factory in Maranello has no time to carry out orders. Buyers of this brand stand in line more than a year to buy a prestigious car.

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