FIAT is the largest Italian company which specializes in sports, cars, trucks, various industrial and agricultural machinery. Moreover, the corporation owns the company that produces aerospace products. FIAT Corporation has headquartered in Turin. Fiat was established by group of investors in 1899. Among them was Giovanni Agnelli who begun assembling cars under license "Renault", with engines "De Dion". From the beginning of cooperation Agnelli began to implement his socialist ideals about the possibility of cooperation of workers and employers. Production began to expand rapidly in 1903 due to tariffs on imported steel in Italy were eliminated . In the production there were buses, trucks, cars, taxis original. A little later company began to produce engines for ships and aircraft.

Cars of FIAT designed for solid buyers got wide popularity not only in the automotive market of Italy, but also in the global market. Also, the FIAT brand has received recognition in car racing with models "Miller", "Storero", "Lancia", and "Nazzaro". First FIAT loudly declared itself in Europe as a manufacturer of the original models, winning the Grand Prix racing in 1911.

Assembling FIAT cars scattered around the globe. The largest plant is located far outside of Italy, in Brazil. Also production facilities of the company can be found in Poland and Argentina. Regardless of cultural beliefs and political convictions, FIAT has long licenses its products worldwide. Joint ventures are located in the following countries: Egypt, Turkey, South Africa, China, India, France.

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