Ford Motor Company was founded over a hundred years ago by the famous and talented engineer Henry Ford in 1903. In the beginning the company was located in the territory of a small plant, which produced coaches. Famous organizational progress of Ford was the introduction of assembly-line machines in the factory. Worker provides a unique intended to him task, standing on the ground, and the car is moving through the conveyor getting gathering details.

In early 1917 Ford Motor Company began producing trucks and tractors. After some time the plant located in Japan started to work, as well as a service center in Shanghai and assembly plant in Australia. Over time, the brand Ford Motor Company became the most popular in the United States.

For a long period of its existence, this company for most people has become synonymous with reliability. Around this popular name, company has developed special concepts that are perceived as characteristics: hardy, industrious, patient, loyal. Such epithets can boast not every brand. For a long time the existence Ford has considering options for the acquisition of many automotive manufacturers. To date, such well-known to every modern man companies as Jaguar, Aston Martin, Land Rover and Volvo are part of the Ford Group. However, there are other producing cars firms, which have been considered as candidates to the family entry, but because of the differing positions have not been purchased. Over the past fifty years the list of possible candidates were the automotive company: Mercedes, Lancia, Lotus, Fiat, Auto Union, Ferrari, Rover, Rootes, Berliet, Borgward, BMW and SAAB.

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