Chinese private car manufacturer Geely was founded in 1986 in China. Factories for the production of cars located in the four cities and the initial production capacity allows to produce about 96 000 cars. The company is going to take operational control, a strategy that would allow by 2017 to increase the number of produced cars to 2 million.

The Geely company has an agreement with automobile brand Honda, according to which it can produce scooters and motorcycles. After 25 years after the founding of Geely Corporation acquires the status of China's first private producer. And after 4 years cars are exported to countries in Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

The volume of exports of Chinese corporation is about 70%. On the CIS market is supplied cars with larger dimensions and unique beautiful design. Brand has appreciated in countries of export, but this is not surprising - the cars have low price and full technical equipment.

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