The company itself was created in 1906 by a bright engineer Soichiro Honda. The company has existed for many years and has entered the international market sales. The company is located in Hamamatsu, which is located in Japan. Since 1948 the company began to produce mopeds and the first was released the D class, but closer to 1951 the company began producing class E mopeds, which became more perfect. So the company has become the largest in production of mopeds and motorcycles. Bikes have high quality, low price and bright appearance and accordingly more popularity in the market sales. But already in 1972 the company started to produce the output of cars and the first car was the Civic, which had a good quality and low price. Since that time the company began to produce only small cars. In 1976 cars this brand has already produced more than one million. In 1980 the company entered the top three Japanese manufacturers in the auto industry.

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