The company was established in 1976 due to a major order from the American company to produce off-road vehicles. After the release of the first SUV he was named Hamm - vie from the Americans and from this the company name went. The first factory which produced a car had the name of H1 was established in 1981. Already in 1983 it began mass production of SUVs. After the company has participated in Operation Desert Storm, the company began producing SUVs H2 civilian model. And now in 1992 it went on sale on the market. However, vehicle pricing was very high and was equal to the famous car brand Ferrari and therefore had not been so popular. But the very first owner of this vehicle became Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.

Each year manufacturers are constantly improved and upgraded the car and therefore today the company's cars are very popular and have proven themselves with high production quality.

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