Korean car company was set up in 1967. She first appeared as a branch of the concert and later become one of the largest companies in the production of passenger cars in Korea. At first the company produced small cars and small trucks that meet all the technologies of the British company. And in 1973 Touraine was presented the first car produced by the company on their developments. If you take the whole Korea car market, the company is the first in leading cars sales of all companies. In 1975 was the first delivery of cars abroad and this was export to Ecuador.

In 1976 car Pony has already been sold worldwide. Since 1978 Granada car appears on the market. Another car was introduced already in 1985 and held the first place in sales in Canada. Since 1987 the company began selling its cars in the United States. This year the company produces two more cars on a commercial basis H100 and H 250. By 1987 the company issued more than two million vehicles.

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