Japanese brand Isuzu was founded in 1916 and has evolved into the world's largest company specializing in production of buses and trucks. The firm name took from the name of the river that runs in Japan. The first truck company launched in 1918, and four years later the first passenger car was built by British company's license Wolseley. Great importance Isuzu attached to development and improvement of diesel engines, so it's no surprise that the ad hoc committee studying diesel engine was created in 1934. The first diesel engine of this brand has become a significant achievement in the development of diesel engines in the country. Not so long ago the diesel engines brand Isuzu, like the Duramax 6600, was included in the list of the best engines in the world. Now Isuzu vehicles are manufactured at the plant General Motors, located in Thailand, where Japanese production will be transferred according to the plans.

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