Jaguar has been created in 1922, after the founding of William Lyons and William Walmsley company Swallow Sidecar, engaged in production of carriages for motorcycles. However, in 1932, there has been developed a car, named SS II, with good power at that time in the 37 hp and a lower price than the predecessor model. That has brought tremendous success to company. Four years later appears the new car which later received the name Jaguar.

After the Second World War, the name Jaguar finally fixed for this brand. In 1957 the company designed the Jaguar D-Type. It was released only in a small number of copies, and to this day is the pride to genuine collectors. Nowadays this brand has demonstrated a new model XF in Frankfurt, relating to the business class, which become the first modern Jaguar. This car is kept in a form recognizable features of all previous generations and have all advanced tech systems.

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