Creator rover Jeep was an American engineer Herrington. This unusual name came from the abbreviation "general purpose", or abbreviated Jeep. The date of birth of this brand is considered to be 1941 year, when according to the results of the competition cars Willys MB was chosen. Already during the Second World War because of the versatility and high reliability the ATVs have been widely used in various fields of activity. In 1944 was designed CJ-1A, whose name stood for Civilian Jeep.

In the early fifties the brand «Jeep» received the international registration, and five years later appeared a true masterpiece - Jeep CJ-5. In the sixties the company Willys Motors renamed and became known as the Kaiser Jeep. In the new century was constructed Jeep Commander on the basis of Grand Cherokee, it was equipped with seven seats. A Jeep Wrangler rolled out a year later and is still considered the standard of quality of the Jeep.

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