The first sports car Lamborghini 350 GT was introduced in 1963 in Turin by talented engineer and successful businessman Ferruccio Lamborghini. It's hard to believe, but earlier Lamborghini brand specialized in the production of tractors. The machine was able to develop a truly breakneck speed - about 280 km / h, and it helped to prove to the world that Lamborghini could build cars that would not be inferior to the famous Ferrari.

Two years later appeared the Miura model, its popularity surpassed Ferrari. This machine has the original engine layout and a magnificent appearance. In 1970 Lamborghini unveiled the model "Urraco P250", and in 1974 - Countach, which reaches speeds of 300 km / h. Still, the most popular car in the entire history of the company has become a model Lamborghini Espada, attributable to the class of Grand Touring. This name can be translated as "sword matador.", Today, the company Lamborghini is part of the company's Audi, which is part of «Volkswagen AG» concern.

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