Lexus is a subsidiary of the Japanese manufacturer of automotive company Toyota. Today the company specializes in production of luxury cars expensive category. They are mainly produced for Europe and North America.

In 1989 was the debut of the first models of the Lexus, and in September of the same year they have already appeared on the market. The quality of the models speaks for itself, so it is not surprising that for the first month managed to sell more than three million vehicles. In 1991 Lexus adds to car models sports coupe, which has resulted in sales of 93 thousand copies cars. A year later rolled off the GS300, and later appeared SUV LX450, which is ahead of sales even popular Range Rover.

The new millennium firm met in Detroit showing the new model. Today the brand Lexus strives to provide its vehicles destined for the European market by diesel engines, and to create an exclusive limousine for the Japanese emperor's family.

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