The founder of the Lincoln Motor Company Henry Leland established the company in 1917 in order to produce aircraft engines. The company got name in honor of the sixteenth President of the United States. Three years later appeared the first car Lincoln L. It somehow resembled a Cadillac model. Two years later Henry Ford bought the company and Lincoln became the division of Ford.

Since that time, cars Lincoln had the status of official cars intended for the President of the United States. In the thirties there was a sedan Lincoln KB, equipped with a 12-cylinder engine and has a quiet operation. Until the eighties every creation of the company was a true masterpiece. Later the company focused on the production of luxury cars. In 1997 appeared SUV Lincoln Navigator, which had the prototype the Ford Expedition. This car is considered to be the most luxurious among the representatives of this class. Today branch Lincoln is a leader in the production of luxury cars in the United States, and the brand Lincoln itself has become one of the most popular around the world.

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