Wilhelm Maybach, who was a talented German engineer, in 1921 released his first car. From that moment a new era Maybach automobile began. Before this event happened, in 1907, Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin along with Wilhelm founded the company which engaged in production of engines for airships. Released later car was one of the first German machines. Interestingly, while the brakes were mounted on each wheel. In 1930 was published a model called the Zeppelin, the most luxury German car of its time. Over a long period from 1921 to 1941 Maybach brand has managed to produce more than 1,800 and such cars had extremely high price. Also among these machines did not have two absolutely identical. Until recently DaymlerChrysler company produces Mercedes-Benz Maybach, is considered the most luxurious sedan, embody the bold ideas of modern engineering and maximum ease of control.

Today the Maybach cars have a four-year warranty, which allows to make free repairs and MOT. Luxury and exclusive cars of this brand were never intended for mass production.

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