The ancestor of company Mazda is a company Toyo Cork Kogyo, which was organized on the basis of the bankrupt company Abemaki, DzuDziro Matsuda in 1920. Since 1927 the company changed its name to Toyo Kogyo Ltd and from that moment begins to engage in the production of industrial machinery and motorcycles. Even assembly-line production of three-wheeled trucks begins in 1931. It was only in 1960 the first car company called R360 Coupe was developed. The car did not have extra comfort, had a two-cylinder engine, but had affordable price. Since 1963 the company began to produce a more convenient and comfortable four-cylinder car Mazda Familia 800/1000. In the same year was released millionth vehicle this company. In 1979 Ford Motor Company and Mazda are combined. Gradually developed and produced more and more new models of Mazda. The company is becoming popular and is already beginning to export its cars in the world.

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