Englishman Alec Issigonis, who worked with the company British Motors, in 1959 creates a subcompact Moms MINI Minof and Austin Sever MINI. After a while these cars are becoming extremely popular. These machines are not only subcompact, they had the drive to the front axle and the casing of clutch and the engine have been combined. Due to this, the center of gravity has shifted and was in front of front axle. This was the standard for front-wheel drive cars. From 1960 to 1964 the new cars MINI brand are developed in the luxury performance in body of a pickup van and wagon. Since then, the MINI became the most popular and fashionable. The best selling car of this brand became the MINI Cooper, which was released in 1961. A modification of this model for three consecutive years ranked first, participating in the Monte Carlo Rally. And only since 1969 MINI became an independent brand. Cars of this brand are the most successful in the world and win the title of "European Car of the Century", in the Guinness Book of Records.

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