In 1873 by Yataro Iwasaki was established shipping company Mitsubishi Commercial Company. Already in 1917 the light appears the first car of the company Mitsubishi Motors A. This model has similarities with Ford engines. A year later cargo model of this brand was released. Six years later the company is developing the production of buses and large trucks. In 1934 four-wheel drive car RH 33 appears on the market. A year later are created two more models BD43 and BD46 of diesel buses. In 1970 the company becomes an independent corporation and receives the name of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. In 1979 model Colt 1499GLX received the title of "Car of the Year.", Via three years there is a new vehicle this company - Pajero jeep, which in a year receives several prizes in participating in the Paris-Dakar race. After a time all over the world opened new car assembly plants of the company, the number of countries also includes the United States. Since 1983 a new electronic suspension system is developed, which is installed in all new cars.

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