Nissan Jidosha Kk is a Japanese corporation which specializes in the production of sport boats, buses, trucks, cars and other products. The company is headquartered in Tokyo. The corporation started its operations in December 1933, with the inception of the company Jidosha Seizo Co, Ltd. In 1931 the world saw the release of the first car. Since 1934, the Corporation changed its name to Nissan Motors Co, Ltd. In 1935 in the city of Yokohama is coming off the assembly line car Datsun. In 1939 were manufactured buses Nissan Type 90 and Nissan Type 70. Twelve years later the corporation launches its first SUV Payrol, which has a six-cylinder engine and drive on both axles. In 1999 the Corporation enters into an alliance with Renault. Since 2000 begins production of electric two-place Hypermini. In the same year on the car market comes another model of ultra-small EV Hypermini. Since 2002 the company represents on the European market car Almera Tino. The main branches of the corporation located in the United States, Mexico, Australia and other countries.

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