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Latest news

2016-08-08 Denmark Car Market in First Half 2016 showed a sharp increase.

Denmark Car Market in First Half 2016 showed a sharp increase. Toyota advanced in the podium fueled by demand on Aygo and Yaris while Peugeot 208 and 308 led models ranking. In the first quarter 2016, the Danish economy accelerated due to strong domestic ... Read more

2016-08-05 Design porn? What happens when car designers leave four wheels behind

Many of the older car companies started out making motorbikes, so it's no surprise to find BMW, Honda and Suzuki still in the mix. But pepper mills? The Peugeot company was founded in France in 1810 and it initially manufactured everything from salt and ... Read more

2016-08-08 Light Hatch 2016 Comparison

In comparison, the Fabia’s instrumentation was simple and elegant, although the HVAC controls (for the only car without climate control) looked a little rudimentary. The Peugeot has received some flack in the past for its driving position, but that’s ... Read more

2016-08-07 Elderly driver cut out of car after flipping it on its roof in Middlesbrough

The driver, understood to be an 82-year-old man, became trapped inside his silver Peugeot 308 after the car left the road and smashed into a fence before tipping onto its roof. A car was involved in a Road Traffic Accident on Cargo Fleet Lane ... Read more

2016-07-28 OPINION: Peugeot well positioned for yesterday's car market

LONDON: In one sense, Peugeot deserves a gold star. The French carmaker is cutting costs neatly. PSA Group Chief Executive Carlos Tavares has lifted the automotive division's operating profit margin from 5 to 6.8 percent - well above the 6 percent he is ... Read more

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